Joan’s-a-Keeper Steamy Shower Mist

Transform your bathroom into a spa escape with this fragrance mist. Made with pure essential oils and water, this spray mingles with the steam from your bath or shower to create a cloud of relaxing scent. Turn on the water for a shower or bath. Before you step in, mist the air 5-10 times to disperse scent vapor into the steam. Step in and say ahhh!


  • Mingles with steam to create a calming cloud of scent
  • Relaxes the senses as you bathe
  • Transform your bathroom into a spa escape


  • Essential Oils: Pure plant oils like bergamot, jasmine, and sage that create a wholesome scent experience.
  • Pure Water: Helps dilute and carry the oils so that they disperse evenly into the air.

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Bees don’t complain. They just do their job: bringing happiness to the world through the sweetness of their honey. Joan’s a Keeper was born because of bees doing their job and doing it well. Our founder, Joan, started making soap because the beehives on her farm were thriving, leaving her with an abundance of honey and beeswax. Today, we do things the same way Joan did when she started out, using only the purest and most wholesome natural ingredients to make clean products that smell wonderful and feel even better. Our mission is simple: to do as the bees do and bring a little bit of happiness to the world


When Joan first started making soap in her kitchen, she used only the purest natural ingredients from Honey Hill Farm and the surrounding area. Today, we maintain Joan’s commitment to wholesome and clean ingredients, going beyond natural to select the very best for you and your skin.


Our products are more than just all-natural; they contain only the best that nature has to offer. We avoid heavily processed ingredients that may technically qualify as natural, but don’t meet our standards. We pass all of our ingredients through the EWG’s Skin Deep Database to ensure that they meet outside standards for safety.


Take one look at our ingredient listings, and you’ll see that they look shorter than most. That’s because we believe in creating the simplest products possible. If it doesn’t need to be in there, we take it out. The result is recipes that are pure, simple, and kind to your body and the planet


Science still has a long way to go in deciding which ingredients are safe for you to use. That’s why we approach our recipes from a careful and conscious standpoint. If an ingredient is suspected of having toxic side effects, we just don’t use it. It’s that simple.